Oil Painting On Canvas By Chinese Painter Cheng Lou

60 cm
120 cm
5 cm
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Cheng Lou was born in Anhui in 1963. As a child, he studied painting under his father. Mr. Ying Tian Qi, renowned artist, taught him engraving and lithographic techniques. In 1989, he obtained a diploma in design and decorating from the Central Academy of Art.

His pieces are made natural through their perspective, mystery and use of light. He focuses on placing the subject in the background, thus enlarging the piece. His fresh, exquisite paintings give us food for thought. His pieces “Going home in the evening,” “Continental Song,”, and “Morning Sun” have been exposed and rewarded in China and internationally.

These last few years, he has turned to abstract art, focusing on bright and intense colours that grab the attention. His favoured themes are landscapes. In urban settings as in nature, Cheng Lou invites us to travel, by combining colours and creating rhythm and movement.